We are managed by the Board of Directors

Metalsa is a privately held company and a wholly-owned key subsidiary of Grupo Proeza, headquartered in Monterrey, Mexico.

Proeza is committed to the highest Corporate Governance standards.

Corporate credit ratings are an opinion, not a fact.

The business and affairs of the Company are managed by the direction of the Board of Directors with the support of three committees; Development and Compensation Committee, Audit Committee and Governance Committee.

The Board has twelve members in accordance with the company’s by-laws; the Chairman plus 11 directors of which 5 are Independent Directors in order to strengthen the Board expertise and independence.

The Board's main responsibilities include:


  1. Establish the strategic direction of the company according to the strategic plans presented by the management for review and approval.
  2. Oversee the performance of the company's business and management.
  3. Promote the interests of stockholders.
  4. Assure the management succession and supervise their evaluation and compensation.
  5. Execute high-impact decisions.
  6. Oversight and reinforce corporate culture.
  7. Evaluate principal business risks identified by the business and follow up the mitigation plans proposed by the management.
  8. Define the company's dividend policy.