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We manufacture safe and sustainable products for people around the world, seeking to minimize environmental impact.

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+60 years of experience support us as a global and industrial company.

We manufacture safe and sustainable products

Seeking to minimize environmental impact through innovation in our processes and products.

+60 years of experience

+60 years of experience

Metalsa has a sound financial position to support growth and investment projects.

+11,000 Collaborators

+11,000 Collaborators

Metalsa stands out in the transportation industry for its trust in its people, supported by a strong organizational culture that creates an attractive work environment.

13 Facilities Worldwide

13 Facilities Worldwide

Metalsa has a significant global manufacturing footprint with state-of-the-art capabilities and technologies to leverage going forward.

Metalsa has its centers strategically located worldwide

We are one of the best options in structural component solutions for light and heavy vehicles.

Metalsa has its operations and technology centers strategically located worldwide, providing integral support to its customers delivered with success.

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